What is the purpose of a trial?  Do I really need one?

Yes, yes, yes! 
​You've invested a lot of time, money and energy into your wedding. You've booked the perfect vendors, an amazing photographer and your wedding planner has your day organized to perfection; all reviewed and approved by you. You can envision it and just can't wait to see it all come together. 
Can you imagine waking up, not having met your hair and makeup artist and not having experienced what your hair and makeup will look like? We're thrilled that you trust us to do our thing and we always will deliver, but having the chance to sit down and try out the style you have your heart set on is basically ensuring you and your artists are on the same page. 
Maybe what you originally wanted isn't THE look for you, after all. Maybe you're particular about certain things that you didn't realize. The investment in a trial is so important for you and your artists... Having the chance to try on your look, meet your artist and chat openly about options will allow you to be that much more confident going into your big day. 

How will I reapply my lipstick after you finalize my look? Do I have to bring one?
You are more than welcome to select your own lipstick shade for the big day & we'll apply it for you; 

However, each client who books hair & makeup with Dame will receive a complimentary 

touch up kit which includes your lip colour, and any other necessities like extra hair pins,

lip applicators, blotting papers..etc.

How much is travel?
 Please inquire about your location.

Are there any minimums for bookings? Any off seasons?
Yep - we require a minimum of 4 services to book. If we can accommodate

you for a smaller booking, we will. But do note, an artist fee may apply for bookings under 4 services.

During off season, the same applies. We will always accommodate however we can!

Are lashes really that big of a deal?
Absolutely, positively YES!
Lashes can be one of those important enhancements that make a huge impact,

especially for photography purposes. Although you have full, gorgeous lashes already

there is still something significantly more impactful about false lashes; Not to mention

taking your look to the next level!

Lashes do not need to be bulky, heavy, or huge.

There are multiple lash options that we offer to suit your individual style!

Faux Lash

the typical false lash with varying degrees of  intensity, from natural to dramatic

Individual Lashes

Ideal for a client who wants weightless definition or natural enhancement

Custom Lashes
We take your Faux Lashes to Whoa! Lashes.  These are for our lash connoisseurs

Airbrush Makeup - what is the big deal?
Airbrush foundation is highly pigmented & finely textured, with an application style where the foundation

is sprayed onto the skin using a compressor & forced air tool. As it is a touch-free & multi-layered application technique, the result is seamless, lightweight, long-wearing & photographs incredibly well. Although these benefits are in alignment with our standard foundation application procedure, the airbrushing process can also be much faster and longer wearing than a standard application.

Fun Fact: 75% of our bridal clients use airbrush foundation.

How many artists can I expect for my large bridal party?
Typically, we pair up 1 artist to 5 services (or less) 
If you require additional artists due to timing needs, please inquire.


Are hair extensions necessary? Do you provide them?

It truly depends on your desired look and the amount & length of hair you naturally have. 

Your Dame stylist will work with you to dictate that, but if you want a fuller,  longer and more glamorous look

then we would suggest them. We do not provide hair extensions - we install them day-of.

For best results, we recommend that you consult your hair salon that sells quality and natural hair clip-ins; and ideally they can cut & colour them to your needs. Alternatively, you can find quality extensions on

luxyhair.com or locksandmane.com (both available in Toronto, too!)


My hair never holds a style or curl. Are you sure you can make it hold?!


Yes, indeed. A few tricks to have stronger style hold are prepping the hair adequately.

This means deep conditioning your ends a week before to maintain smoothness and sheen, but 48hrs before your service date, we recommend using a detoxifying/clarifying shampoo at the root, and a double shampoo throughout the entire length of the hair. For stubborn hair, no conditioning after this process; for hair with half-decent hold, you can very lightly rinse your ends with conditioner. Gently comb out your hair and let it airdry.

Absolutely no hot tools (no straightners, no wands - nothing, girl!).
Blowdrying is totally fine (and suggested) for smoothness.!

Also take heed of your Dame pros' advice from your trial. They'll know best for added prep steps to the above.

From there, we have all the right potions to do the trick!


Do you offer Dupatta, Tikka and Jewelry settings?


Absolutely do! 

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